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Guest to fan

You are making so much amazing content to help people in a vulnerable career transition. It’s clear you have the best interest of your audience in mind. I love how open you are to learning about tricky subjects. It’s a pleasure to be your guest on a future episode. Keep putting your heart into this. I am sure you are changing the careers and lives of your audience. Keep up the good!!

Value-packed podcast!

Don is a such an insightful host. He's truly in touch with what his audience needs to grow and thrive as developers. Don and his guests are so interesting and diverse in their backgrounds and experiences that there's something for everyone to learn, whether they're aspiring developers or developers looking to go to the next level.

Wonderful podcast!

Perspective students are drowning in a sea of options. I appreciate hearing from former students and founders. This podcast saved me money because I signed up for one, heard podcasts featuring graduates and the CEO, and made an informed decision to not attend the bootcamp.

Awesome Content

With these genuine reviews and stories about boot camps it will make it easier for people to find which school best suits them as a student.

Good listen!

Educational and entertaining